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appLayout :: Ty -> [Int] -> [Int]

appFunV :: Monad m => NodeTreeEx -> IdTree -> Id -> GenM m

appFunV funNode inVar outVar. Applies funNode to value |stored in inVar and stores result in outVar.

isTreeV :: Monad m => Val m -> Bool

getTreeV :: Monad m => Val m -> Tree (Val m)

getVarTy :: Monad m => Val m -> Ty

getVarId :: Monad m => Val m -> IdTree

foo :: Monad m => Val m -> Val m

varToValTree :: t -> t1

applyVisitor :: Monad m => [Graph] -> Node -> StateT (IntMap OrdVal) m ()

propagates values through the graph

appInvLayout :: Ty -> Tree Int

appInvLayout graph. Returns the output idx of all the input vars.

treePathsToIdxTree :: [Tree TreePath] -> Tree Int

treePathsToIdxTree leafList. Takes a list of leaves each holding a tree path, |zips each path with its output offset, and creates a tree from the paths.

propTupVisitor :: Monad m => [Graph] -> Node -> StateT (IntMap (Tree [Int])) m ()

creates and propagates tree paths through the graph